A few ways to spread the love

At Vanilla we have always been about love.

We started out as a wedding stationery design service and helped happy couples to set the tone for their big day. 15 years on and we are still helping to share the love with our prints.

So with the death of George Floyd in America and the BlackLivesMatter protests in the U.K. and around the world, we felt we had to think about how we can do something positive and spread love at this difficult time.

This coincided with a message from a customer who asked if we could do a print for her kids to colour to help them as a family to have conversations about the issues, explain why people are protesting and give her kids a chance to be part of creating change. As a mother myself I have always talked to my daughters about kindness and treating people equally no matter of race, gender or other stereotypes, so this really resonated. So I got to work….

These prints have been designed to help you in a few different ways. There’s one that you can colour in with your kids which can help you have conversations with your family.
There are also options that you can simply print off and display either in your home or in your windows to show support for the movement.

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As so many people have said, saying nothing is not an option. We hope these prints can help you spread love at this difficult yet pivotal time.

With love, Vanilla x x

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