Making & sharing memories

Vanilla Inspirations is a labour of love. Founded by Sarah Bentley back in 2011, it was her way of making something that was already very special, even more so. At first, it was wedding stationery, made for a few close friends, but word spread, and soon she was making everything from wedding and birthday invites to personalised prints – helping folk to make memories and share them too.

An eye for design

Sarah is a designer by trade and loves making pretty things. So when she heard the news that one of her friends was going to tie the knot, she instantly volunteered. Of course, she didn’t realise just how much she was going to enjoy it, and despite having a full time job, she found herself drawn to her Mac at night, working up new designs. Soon, she was getting orders from all over the world, with requests for all sorts of weird and wonderful things – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Let’s make some memories

Now, Sarah’s on hand full time to help you make and share those special memories, so whether you’re getting married, Christening your little one or just looking for something completely personal to mark the occasion, get in touch.